Hospitals in Odisha

Hospitals in Odisha are implanted with all type of equipments. In Odisha many medical colleges and medicine related institutions are working as hospitals. These are the famous hospitals in Odisha. Well accumulated Hospitals and clinics are available in almost all the famous tourist places.

A mobile health care programme named as ‘Smile on Wheels’ has been started in some districts of Odisha. In this Smile on Wheels programme a mobile van will be available with a doctor, a nurse and a technician for the patients. This programme is useful for rural area people, who can’t reach at the hospital in the right time. The services provided by this programme is BP checking, dressing of wounds, minor surgery, basic pathological services etc.

Govt. is providing Emergency Ambulance Service free of cost to the people of Odisha. This ambulance service will be available by dialing the toll-free number 108. The average response time of this ambulance is 20 minutes for urban locations, 25 minutes for semi-urban and 35 minutes for rural.

Major Hospitals in Odisha

In recent years Odisha is flourished with Private Hospitals. Now-a-days People prefer private hospitals as compared to Govt. hospitals due to lack of facilities and treatment in Govt. hospitals. Some of the famous Private hospitals in Odisha are

Vivekananda Hospital is located at the capital city Bhubaneswar. It started in the year 2006. This hospital is famous in Odisha for emergency & trauma care services.

Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialities located at Odisha is India’s largest multi-specialty diabetes hospital. It is well known for diabetes treatment.

Ashwini Hospital is the largest private medical center of Cuttack well known for advanced medical and critical care.

Apollo Hospital is located at Bhubaneswar. This Apollo Group of Hospitals brought a revolution in health care in India.

Neelachal Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital; provide all types of specialized and quality health care services in affordable cost. The other facilities available at the hospital are laparoscopic surgeries, percutaneous nephro-lithotomy and open surgeries, including cancer surgery.

Jehangir Ghandy Hospital is one famous hospital of western Odisha. The hospital is equipped with modern facilities for the identification and treatment of various diseases like gastrointestinal, cardiac, renal, etc. All modern equipments for endoscopy, ultrasound, echocardiography, TMT, etc is available in this hospital.

Shrirama Chandra Bhanj Medical is a government-run medical in Cuttack in the Indian state of Odisha. It is a premier medical institution in Odisha.