Chandragiri – South Asia’s Biggest Buddhist Monastery

Buddhism is great religion founded by Lord Buddha. He never visited Odisha for preaching Buddhism still we found Buddhism is practiced in Odisha a way back to 7th century during the visit of Hiuentsang. Many monuments of Buddhism can be founded in Odisha. But the most sacred place for Buddhism is Chandragiri. At this place many Tibetans are living which make this place a hub for Buddhism. These Tibetans Monks have come to India when china invaded Tibet in 1959. Many refugee camps are setup in India for them but many Tibetans choose to stay in India. A large group of Tibetan people got settle in Chandragiri which is now a part of Odisha and as they follow Buddhism, so they start their culture here and now it’s become a biggest monarchy of south Asia of Buddhism.

Chandragiri A Heavenly Place for Budhha Followers

Chandragiri is situated at Gajapati district of the Indian state Odisha. The Buddhist monarchy or also known by the Padmasambhava Mahavihara monastery is the largest in south Asia. Its monastery is named after Acharya Padmasambhava as it’s a belief that he spread Buddhism during 7th century. The style of architecture is in Tibetan style. It has a statue of Lord Buddha which is about 23 feet and a statue of Buddha Padmasambhava which is about 17 feet. The area in which monarchy is built is about 10 acres. Within the monarchy it had a meditation hall, chapels, assembly hall and a huge library which contain all Buddhist scripts. In Chandragiri not only this monarchy will fascinate you even the surroundings which have river, hilltops, mountains, forest will give you a heavenly feel. If you think the beauty of Chandragiri is over, wait, it’s not rather the cultural activities of Tibetan peoples and horticultures of plants will make your eye glitter.

How to Reach Chandragiri

By Air: Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar

By Road: To go to Chandragiri you have to reach Berhampur from then you have to catch a cab to Chandragiri.

By Train: Nearest railway station is Berhampur railway station.

Best Time to Visit Chandragiri

Throughout the year all months are suitable to spend time in Chandragiri. But summer season is the most preferable time.