Maa Biraja temple- Shakti pitha of Odisha

Maa Biraja temple is situated at jajpur town of Odisha.  It is placed besides the river Baitarani. The temple is worshipping the idol of Maa Durga which is refer as Maa Biraja. The idol depicts the Maa Durga is piercing the chest of Mahishasura or water buffalo riding on back of lion.

History of Maa Biraja temple

It is said that the god of Righteousness had performed a sacrifice in which Lord Shiva is accepted as Aryan God and Mother Earth has appeared in the form of altar. From that Mother Earth is worshipped as Maa Biraja. It is a belief that Brahma performed some yagnas on the banks of river baitrarani. From the fire of yagnas Maa Parbati had emerge out and Brahma named her as Maa Biraja.

The size of Biraja ksetra is triangular in form. The ksetra is guarded by Lord Shiva from three sides. Maa Biraja is sitting in the middle of the triangle with Lord Shiva on three corners.

Tourism in Maa Biraja

There are many other spots around the Maa Biraja temple, like Ratnagiri, Omkara temple, Neeleshwar temple and many more. The area near to the temple is something you could not miss out. Many hotels and lodges had come up to accommodate the tourist visit this place. So you don’t have to worry if you can’t cover whole place in a single day.

How to reach

By Road: It is well connected to the main cites of Odisha.

By Rail: Nearest railway station is Bhubaneswar railway station.

By Air: Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport.