Shakti Pitha Ghatagaon Tarini Temple

Ghatagaon Tarini temple is placed at Keonjhar district of Odisha. Keonjhar is famed for its hilly terrains,waterfalls, forests. Most part of keonjhar is covered with forests. Due to the forest it looks like a land of green. River like Baitarani is originated from keonjhar and flows to borders of Jharkhand. One will find the soils of the area is red throughout. Apart from famous waterfalls and forests this place is infamous for its Ghatagaon Tarini temple which is a Shakti pitha.

The Tarini temple

During ancient time, the ruler of Keonjhar Sri Gobinda Bhanjadeo had mounted Maa Tarini. Sri Gobinda Bhanjadeo had won the war which pleased the then ruler Sri Purusottam Dev. As a reward he asked Sri Gobinda Bhanjadeo to ask him what he want, and Sri Gobinda Bhanjadeo asked to take Maa Tarini along with him to Keonjhar. But Maa Tarini kept a condition which is if Sri Gobinda Bhanjadeo will look back to see whether Maa Tarini is coming or not then the place where he will turn back will be the place Maa Tarini will stay. So according to this condition Sir Gobinda Bhanjadeo took Maa Tarini along with him. But during the course of travel he couldnot hear the ornaments sound of Maa Tarini which is heard before. To check about Maa Tarini whereabouts he looked back and to his surprise Maa Tarini is coming with him but due to muddy road ornament sounds are not coming. As per condition Maa Tarini stayed there at Ghantagaon. A temple was built there and the place is now called as Ghatagaon Maa Tarini temple.

Tourism in Ghatagaon Tarini Temple

Ghatagaon Tarini temple is located at Keonjhar. The surroundings of temple is covered with forests. Due to forests the chirruping sound of birds, the sound of rustling of leaves of trees give one a heavenly feel. Near to Ghatagaon Tarini temple waterfalls like Khandadhar,Sanghagara,and Bhimkund are situated. These places add more beauty to the keonjhar. Many hotels are mushroomed around this places for which one did not have to move here and there for foods and stay.

How to reach

By Road: You can travel by bus or car from Bhubaneswar or Keonjhar.

By Rail: Nearest railway stations is Harichandanpur railway station which is about 17 km.

By Air: Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport.