Nrusinghanath – An Enticing Temple at the foot step of Gandhmardhan Hill

Sri Nrusinghanath, the enermous temple of Odisha in India, is situated at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hill near Paikmal, Bargarh. Coupled with a series of beautiful waterfalls and some carves, it is famous for the 15th century temple, Nurshinghanath 164kms from Sambalpur. This temple is situated at the foot of the Gandhamardana Mountain, which in ancient times was called Parimalagiri. According to Hiuen-Tsang, the Chinese traveler, this place was a centre of Buddhist scriptural learning. Lord Nrushinghanath is a much-adored deity of Orissa and a great fair is held in his honour on the 14th day of bright fortnight in the month of Baisakh. The temple is constructed in Orissan style of architecture.

Glorious History of Nrusinghanath Temple

According to the legend, when people were greatly grieved by Musika Daitya (the incarnate Mouse Demon), Vishnu Mani in the appearance(Incarnation) of Marjara Keshari, in His Feline Form, ran to eat the demonic mouse form – Musika Daitya who never came out from the tunnel and Marjara Keshari waited from that day. The temple is postulated from that day with this mythological history. This story is symbolic of the grounding the demonic evil power of monocracy and torture that never dared to come out further and Lord Nrusinghnath alias Marjara Keshari has been guarding it since then.

Nearby Perspective Places to Visit

Nearby places you can also visit Chal dhar, Bhim Dhar, Sita Kunda, Panchupandav , Kapil Dhar, Supta Dhar, Satyaamb, Bhim Madua, Happy Point. In recent year tourism has been developing in around Gandhamardhan hills. An annual big fair held on Nrusimha-chatrurdasi day during Vaishakha shukla chaturdashi (in May) attracts thousands of pilgrims from far and near. Here also a Beautiful Garden created just near the temple, where Lord Krishna different avatar shown and also a 28 ft Hanuman Statue created inside the center of Garden.

How to Reach at Nrusinghanath Temple

By Air: One can take flight either to Bhubaneswar or Raipur airport.

By Rail: You can get train from Bargarh, Nuapada, Bolangir, Sambalpur, Titlagarh, Kantabanji, Jharsugda, Cuttack, Bhubaneswa, Raipur(Chatisgarh).

By Road: Buses are available from Bhubaneswar, Bolangir, Cuttack and Raipur.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Nrusinghanath is from October to March.