Exposure to the Prodigious Art and Culture in Odisha

A very beautiful piece of land on the eastern coast of the country India is located and popularly known as a great tourist destination in all over the world. This beautiful state Odisha covers an area of 155,707 km2 that is 4.87% of total area of the country India in which it lies. In the state Odisha the majority population belongs to the Hindu religion, so that a rich cultural heritage can be experienced in this state. Some popular Hindu figures such as Sant Bhima Bhoi, Sarala Das, Chaitanya Das, Jayadeva and many more have greatest contribution towards the art and culture of Odisha.

Odisha the Land Of Art and Artists

In the terms of art and culture Odisha is on a leading position in the country India, here beautiful Structural art, Music, Dance, Literature and many more are present those have their unique flavor. The beautiful temples located in different points of this state are the evidence of the great architecture and art; some examples are the Jagannath Temple Puri, Konark Sun Temple, Lingaraja Temple Bhubaneswar, great places and other erotic sculpture of Odisha. Odissi dance and music is famous among all over the world that originated on this state. Sangitamava Chandrika, Natya Manorama, Sangita Kalalata and Gita Prakasha are the important treatises written here at this land. Most of the people of this state speak ‘Odia’ this is the local language of this state. Appealing appliqué artwork of Pipili, the stunning silver filigree ornamental works from Cuttack, the fine art painting Patta Chitras (palm leaf paintings), prominent stone utensils of Nilgiri and other types of arts and handicrafts also the handloom products such as Sambalpuri Pata saree, Sambalpuri dance and music along with various tribal influenced art and cultures in Odisha makes this state an unique piece of land of art and culture.

Art and Culture Tour in Odisha

Tourist love to explore great art and culture of Odisha; especially the festivals, natural beautiful places, artist villages and tribal villages of this state, so they prefer to visit Odisha and state in this beautiful tourist destination for some couples of days and enjoy with maximum endeavor. Odisha Tourism offers special Odisha tour packages in low cost for tourist and takes care of tourist in all conditions of their tour.