Exotic Experiences of Bhubaneswar Tourism

Bhubaneswar the capital city of Indian state Odisha and one of the smart cities of the country is also an awesome place for tour and travel. Alternatively this beautiful city is called as Temple City because of the thousands of Hindu temples those are present in different locations of this city from ancient times. As this city is the capital of the state Odisha so here most of the big company’s offices, government offices, big hotels and restaurants, parks, club, bar, disco and many more places are present for enjoying life and to have some extraordinary experiences.

Most important attraction of Bhubaneswar is the temples; the Lingaraj Temple is the biggest, old and very important temple along with that the Ram Mandir is also one of the highly visited temples even to all temples of Bhubaneswar a huge numbers of pilgrims of Hindu and Join communities are coming to worship.

Also this city provides all modern facilities for living a comfortable and happy life, the roads and communication facilities, electricity, water supply, internet and other services in Bhubaneswar are of good quality, so a huge number of people choosing this city for starting their career and living with their families, so it’s a city of huge population, so the local market is awesome, different varieties of products are available in Bhubaneswar market that gives charming experiences to tourist during their visit at this city. The shopping malls, big shops in Bhubaneswar are present in which excellent quality branded products are available for fashion and style lovers.

Authentic food of Odisha is served by the hotels and restaurants in Bhubaneswar and all the foods have mind-blowing Odia twist. Mostly saying the food, culture and art of Bhubaneswar binds tourists and bring them again and again for Bhubaneswar Tourism.

Special Attractions of Bhubaneswar Tourism

  • Lingaraj Temple
  • Dhauligiri and Udayagiri
  • Nadanakana Zoo
  • Odisha State Museum

Easiest Way to Explore Bhubaneswar

If you had a desire to explore Bhubaneswar then a car in rent service many becomes beneficial for you. The city is divided in many sub zones and each and every street of Bhubaneswar has its own uniqueness. Sahid Nagar, Patia, Bani Bihar etc are the major locations of Bhubaneswar and these places are full with beautiful attractive things. Most of the tourist likes to book a car in rent and move around different places and take photographs. As the peoples of Bhubaneswar are very friendly so tourist feels comfortable in traveling across this city.