“Hirakud Dam” A Multipurpose River Valley of Odisha

Hirakud Dam is one of the remarkable man made structure and the longest major earthen dam in our country India, situated about 15 km from Sambalpur district of the state Odisha. After India’s independence this dam is first major river project started by Indian government. Main purpose behind the construction of this dam is to help alleviate lower delta region where floods may damage crops. Along with that is dam generated hydro electricity and become one of the clean energy sources for peoples of Odisha. Also it irrigates more than 75,000 square kilometers of land that helps farmers of this land.

Tourism in Sambalpur for Hirakud Dam

The district Sambalpur has its own glory and importance, Sambalpuri Music and Dance is world famous, along with that the art, crafts, culture especially handloom sarees are very famous that leads tourist attention to this place, but along with that Hirakud Dam plays a major role in tourism at this geo location. The size of this dam and the amount of water storage attracts tourist, when the water flow through gates creates an amazing view for visitors, tourist love to explore the surroundings of this places, specially the dam site, forest, wildlife and islands made by dam are very popular among tourist in this tour destination. So we can say that tourism is increases in Sambalpur day by day due to this dam of Hirakud.

How to Reach Hirakud Dam

By Air: The nearest airport to Sambalpur is Bhubaneswar air port.

By Train: Sambalpur district is well connected with Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Rourkela etc districts through rail ways.

By Road: Road network is connect this district with other major cities of Odisha, so it very easy to reach Hirakud Dam through road ways.

Best Time to Visit Hirakud Dam

Sept to February is the iconic time frame to visit Hirakud Dam.