Incredible Dress and Delicious Food in Odisha

For surviving Air, Water, Food and Cloths (Dress) are very much important. As animals can service with air, food and water but we humans are leaving in society and we need cloths (Dress) and a shelter (Home) to maintain a happy life. According to the location, culture and traditions food and dress are varies. As example food habit and clothing style of European or American people are different from Indian people, also the religion can affects the cuisine and dressing sense of people very much. If we discuss about the dress and food in Odisha it’s quite simple and impressive. Odisha is a state located in the country India where majority population is belongs to Hinduism, so in the dress and food we can feel the impression of Hindu religion. Odisha’s people are very religious in nature and respect their culture and tradition.

Food in Odisha

Most of the people in Odisha love to eat. Rice is an important part of Odia cuisine. It’s a such place where all people irrespective of their wealth, wether they are rich or poor they can have good food, i.e. in very low cost you can cook good quality Odia food. A special food named as Pakhala Bhata is very much popular among peoples of Odisha, in most of the families this food cooked and served every day. Along with that Saga Bhaja, Badi Chura, etc delicious foods are served. Many types of vegetables and Dal are also used in Odia cuisine. During festivals in Odisha many types of sweets made with milk, cottage cheese, coconut, rice, sugar, wheat flour and other ingredients are used. Tourist and visitors those come Odisha for tour they enjoy the true Odia cuisine food and get sweet memories with them.

Dress in Odisha

Traditionally Dhoti and Kurta is the main dress for men where Sari is the suitable cloth for women in Odisha. Now day’s modern western dress like T-shirts, Jens Pants, Formal shirts and pants are used by men and women wear designer dress. But during festivals and special occasions men and women prefer to wear handloom cloths. Beautiful handloom Sambalpuri Pata Sari, Pattachitra Sari and many more along with that for men the Pata Dhoti and Handloom fabric made shirts are available. Also tourist love to wear these clothes when they visited Odisha.