Become Cognizant About the Best Time to Visit Odisha

We human always love to visit new places and enjoy new activities. So we visit some beautiful tourist destinations during holidays. But choosing a perfect holiday destination and in perfect time is very important task, because if you visited your desire holiday destination in wrong time then you may miss the charm of that place and your trip and your money, time and effort goes waste. Odisha is a state located in the country India that is awesomely suitable for tour and travel. Although throughout the year all seasons are good to visit this heavenly place but the month from October to March is the best time visit Odisha.

Why October to March Is The Best Time Visit Odisha?

In Odisha the Summer season lies between April and June, during this period temperature varies between 24°c – 45°c, Monsoon is experienced from July to Sep and the temperature during this is 21°c – 35°c Post-Monsoon and Winter experienced from Oct to Dec and Jan to March and during these periods temperature varies in-between 13°c – 30°c and 10°c – 27°c accordingly. So we can say that in summer temperature is not suitable for tour and travel while in rain the heavy rainfalls might causes deliberate in charm of tours, so the post monsoon and  winter season is might be the best time frame to explore or visit Odisha.

Also During October to March many festivals are celebrated in Odisha such as Ganesh Puja, Gajalaxmi Puja, Durga Puja etc many other are occurs, in different temples are decorated with flowers, colors and lights. Thousands of devotees visit temples and worship God and Goddess. Millions of migratory birds visited to Chilika Lake during this period, so for bird lovers and wildlife lovers this period is perfect to visit Odisha.

Experience The Attractions of Odisha in a peaceful Trip

Tourist from all over the country India and different parts of the world come to Odisha for a tour, holiday vacation tour or travel trip. To explore several architectural and natural attractions of Odisha, tourists have a strong willingness, so from the time frame October to March during which tourist gets perfect weather and pleasant circumstances to enjoy tour and travel trips in a perfect way, they choose that most of the times.