Lionhearted People of Odisha and Their Lifestyle

People of Odisha are lionhearted, brave, innocent and religious in nature. The lifestyle of Odisha’s people is full of peace, fun and happiness. People in Odisha prefer to leave with their family as they love them the most, also the friends are the inseparable part of Odia people’s life. Authentic Odia culture, tradition and rituals very much influenced the lifestyle of Peoples of Odisha. The way of speaking, the cloth style, food and behavior all things in Odisha are of perfect manner. Odisha is a land of art, culture and braveness. Here many great poet, dancers, painters and solders were taken birth in ancient days.

Achievements of People of Odisha in Different Fields

In various fields such as technology, business, art, sports, dance and music etc peoples of Odisha prove their potentiality. In all most all fields’ great achievements are mentioned by Odia people in nationally as well as internationally. In the field of literature many unique and heart touching stories, poems, songs etc were written by great authors of Odisha. The Odissi dance and music is world famous and the artists are popular throughout the globe. Structural art such as applique artwork of Pipili, silver filigree ornamental works from Cuttack, the Patta Chitras, famous stone utensils of Nilgiri and various tribal influenced handicrafts are appreciated by people in different countries that is the great achievement of Odia people.

Food, Cloths and Festival Culture in Odisha

Food, clothes and festivals are very important parts of Odisha people’s life, here at this place, people gives much more importance to food, good quality food in huge quantity is required by peoples of Odisha and during festivals various types of special foods such as sweets and puddings etc are prepared and enjoyed by Odisha peoples. Clothes are also equally important as food, here at this state traditionally handloom clothes are used and unique varieties of handloom products are invented in different regions of Odisha from ancient times. Sambalpuri Pata Sari, Patta Chitra Sari, Handloom fabric made shirts, Dhoti and other clothes are beautifully designed and decorated, so that Odisha’s people feel excited by wearing them. Apart from all festivals are main celebration events for every Odia. Many festivals such as Rath Yatra, Raja, Ganesh Puja, Laxmi Puja, Durga Puja etc are celebrated by peoples of Odisha.