Heavenly Beautiful Chilika Lake Tourism Services in Odisha

The Chilika Lake is a place like paradise on earth. The scenic beauty of Chilika Lake always attracts tourist, many poets written amazing texts about this heavenly place. Chilika Lake is located in the Indian state Odisha and it’s the largest salt water lagoon in India and second largest in Asia. This lack is also very important religious point for Odia peoples, as in middle of the lake on an island known as Kalijai Island goddess Kalijai worshiped by thousands of devotees. The bio diversity of this lake is highly sophisticated for growth of plants and animals, here a huge quantity of species of plants, fish, turtles, birds and many more present to explore in this lake.

Specialty of Chilika Tourism

The specialty of Chilika Lake included the Olive Ridley Turtles, thousands of migratory birds of foreign countries, vast species of fish and water plants and Kalijai Island. These things make Chilika Lake a highly attractive tourist place to explore and have an adventurous tour. Olive Ridley Turtles are one rare type of turtles those choose Chilika for laying their eggs, you can visualize thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles on Chlika those come for digging in beaches and lay their eggs in it. For Olive Ridley Turtles lovers Chilika is a wonderful place to watch their desire turtles. Also during winter season thousands of migratory birds from Europe and other countries of Asia come to Chilika Lake and spend complete winter season here.

Beautiful birds of various colors fly in the sky of Chilika and create a wonderful view that fill tourist’s heart with happiness, so every year tourist visit to this place in winter season. Apart from all Maa Kalijai Island and temple is the iconic place for tourist, every day throughout the year pilgrim’s visit to this temple to worship Maa Kalijai for better feature and for a happy life. Local people and especially boat men highly believes in Maa Kalijai.

Importance of Chilika Tourism

Chilika Lake Tourism is very much important for both tourist as well as the local people; tourist gets a wonderful opportunity to explore the awesome tourist destination and a chance to visualize rare species of birds, turtles and dolphins etc. similarly the local people gets an earning opportunity when many tourist come to visit their native place. So the tourism brings happiness for both types of peoples.

Attractions in Chilika Puri

  • Kalijai Temple
  • Satapada Dolphin
  • Nilabana Island
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Olive Ridley Turtles