Beautiful Tribal Villages in Odisha for Tourism

Tribal community people follow the ancient ways of living, their style of abandon is quite simple and impressive, and they need very less sources and gadgets for surviving. Most of the things used by them are made by themselves by sing simple objects and tools. Even for food and cloths also they didn’t depends on outer world, they grew their food and weave their clothes by traditional way. So people those are leaving in modern cities at far away from nature, they love to visit the tribal villages and stay with tribal people for some days to learn about them. The Indian state Odisha is home of more than 62 tribal communities and many more still present to be discovered, so tribal villages in Odisha are prefect to book tribal tour packages.

Culture, Tradition, Rituals and Lifestyle of Tribal Peoples

Tribal people are very innocent and uncomplicated in nature. They behaves you excellent if you mixed with them otherwise they dint allows you to enter into their village. They straightly follow their ancient culture, tradition and rituals, especially during festivals. These people love to enjoy their life in peace and with their friends and family. Homes in tribal villages are made with simple objects those are easily available in forest, also the 70% of the food can be collected from forest, tourist enjoy these peoples lifestyle because these people leave with peace and happiness that peoples of modern cities can’t get.

Famed Tribal Communities in Odisha

Well the Kondha or Kandha, Santals, Saura and Bonda etc are the famed Tribal communities persist in Odisha. If we consider in terms of population Kondha is the largest tribe of Odisha, a huge population around 1 million peoples of this tribal community are leaving in Kandhamal, Rayagada, Koraput, Balangir and Boudh districts of this state. After that Santals are the biggest tribal group of Odisha their population is over 500,000, and leaving in the Mayurbhanj district. Then Saura and Bonda etc other tribal community people have comparatively less population but they are equally important. Their lifestyle, culture, dance, art, food habit etc are distinct from each other and they maintain a good healthy life in remote tribal areas of Odisha.