An Extrinsic Destination in Odisha, Koraput Tourism

Koraput is a city located in southern part of Odisha. Koraput is also known as Sabara Srikhetra. It has many hill stations. The bounty of nature is showered in Koraput. It is a paradise for the nature-lovers. November is the best time for tourists to get a glimpse of tribal culture and traditions, during the tribal festival called Parab.

Most of the area of Koraput was covered with thick forest until a few years ago. The people stay here is known as Adivasi. Many adivasi communities live in this district. These communities have come to modernity and are adopting new ways of life due to deforestation, industrialization and urbanization.

Koraput has also many hill stations although they are not that famous as other hill stations of India. Machkund, Onukadelli, Jalaput, Chindri, Hatipathar, (Deomali) Potangi etc are the most visited places for their scenic beauty.

Popular Attractions of Koraput

Duduma Waterfall, located at a distance of 65 km from Jeypore and 77 km from Koraput. The majestic waterfall is known as “Matsya Tirtha”.

Gupteswara, a land where religion is the essence of existence, it is but natural to find godhood embedded in beliefs and crock of people.

Nandapur located at a distance of 5km from Koraput. Batrisa is the main attraction of this place. The 1.8 meters image of Ganapati illustrates the ancient tradition of the place.

Jain Statue is located in between Semiliguda and Nandapur. The place invites the attention of the devotees for exploration.

A Govt. Museum with antiquities and craft works, mostly famous for Jain ikon is located in the town hall complex.

Deomali Peak is situated at a distance of 35 km from Koraput. Deomali is the highest peak in Odisha and also the tallest in the whole of the Eastern Ghats.

The Tribal Museum caters the tourists about the art, culture and heritage of the tribal.

Dumuriput a village located between Koraput and Sunabeda road is famous for Sri Ram Temple and the huge kneeling Hanuman statue.

Kolab Dam is a beautiful picnic spot stands on the river Kolab. The place is attracting people for weekend scenery and boating. It is located at a distance of 15 km from Koraput.

Jeypore, is known as a city of victory & the palace of Jeypore estate. It is located at a distance of 22km from Koraput. The main tourist attractions are the old for surrounded by the high masonry wall and the one & a half mile wide water tank known as Jagannath Sagar.

Koraput Tour Tips

By Air: The nearest Airport to Koraput is Visakhapatnam Airport.

By Rail: Koraput falls on the Bhubaneswar to Visakhapatnam route.

By Road: The road connecting Visakhapatnam to Koraput is well maintained and passes through a scenic view.