Kalinga Bali Yatra A Prodigious Festival of Odisha

Bali Yatra menace voyage to Bali (an island and province of Indonesia) it’s a festival celebrated in the Indian state Odisha at the silver city Cuttack, this city is one of the oldest city of this state. Kalinga is the ancient name of Odisha, many years before this brave land was popularly known in South Asia as a nation of great traders. In old days the Sadhabas (Odia mariners) would unfold sail to outlying lands of Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo (all in Indonesia), and Sri Lanka etc countries for trading as well as for cultural expansion. For the purpose of sailing they used large vessels those are called Boitas. For showing gratitude and admiration towards the great ‘Sadhabas’ of Odisha of ancient time and to remember this great event and those golden days every year Kalinga Bali Yatra festival was organized.

Religious Point of view of Bali Yatra

Bali Yatra is also attached with religious believe and rituals in Odisha. According to sources Bali Jatra festival is analogous with Taapoi; the rituals like Bhalukuni Osha or Khudurukuni Osha and Bada Osha are important parts of this. Mainly this festival begins in the day of Kartik Purnima an important day in which lord Kartik (son of lord Shiva) worshiped. It’s the most specific time that was considered auspicious by the Sadhabas to begin their journey for trading; the voyage is begun on Kartika Purnima to take advantage of the favorable wind blowing during this time. Ajhala or big fabric sails were used to harness the wind power to move the Boitas. so the traders choose this time for starting their expedition, also as the Odia people are very religious in nature, so they start with worshiping god and goddess.

Bali Yatra Festival and Tourism in Odisha

Now days no traders are these but to remember the glory of that ancient time of this land we celebrate this festival. In the city Cuttack, this festival is celebrated annually as a large open fair near the Barabati Fort area. This festival is considered as the largest fair of this state Odisha. Several attractions for kids and olds are present in this festival; especially the food stalls selling Odia delicacies (Cuttacki Dahivada Aludum, Thunka puri, Barafa pan, Gupchup, etc Odia cuisine food) from different parts of the state. Also other vendors selling beautiful toys for children, curiosities, and other gift items those are unique and of high quality. Many household products useful daily used products are also present here for buying that makes it a wonderful ground to explore things as well as to enjoy a pleasant time. In Bali Jatra many cultural programs and events are organized those gives enjoyment for visitors, so every year millions of people from all over the nation come to participate in this festival.