Chandipur Beach – The Exotic Sea Beach on the Bay of Bengal

Chandipur Beach is one of its kind beaches where the waves come and go dashing rhythmically on the shore, its glimpse like madcap but here they are like a musical fountain. This stunning beach is located in Baleswar district in the state Odisha, India. This engaging sea beach is prominent among tourist around the globe because of its unique beauty, the extraordinary view of sunset at Chandipur beach, and the vision of the Chandipur beach during high-tide brings tourist attention at this exotic locus. This is one of the unique beach here water recedes up to 5 kilometers during the ebb tide and Horseshoe crab are visualized here. The local people are highly friendly; the local market is small but content world class unique products, on the nearby fishing market eminent fresh fishes are obtainable that makes it’s a finest picnic and tourist spot in Odisha.

Comfortable Travel To Balasore and Chandipur Beach

Bus, auto, car or taxis etc are nimbly accessible in Balasore for tourist to travel from one tourist destination to another; the National Highway 5 is nearby beach and it 16 km from Balasore railway station. If you are in journey to Chandipur Beach then you stand in need of to visit main bus or railway station of Balasore then from that you can rent any type of above transportation facility.

Pleasing Panorama of Chandipur Beach

The enormous beauty of Chandipur Beach is really outstanding its panorama attracts tourist and local people desperately, specially the view at evening and early morning, the sea site field of vision, birds flying, couples sitting on beach, kids playing all are outstanding, people fall in love with this beach after visiting its once.

How to Reach Chandipur Beach

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.

By Rail: Balasore is the nearest railway stations to reach at Chandipur Beach.

By Road: Balasore is well connected to various cities of Odisha. So anyone can easily reach Chandipur Beach.

Best time to visit Chandipur Beach

During summer season the temperature is 25 to 40 degrees Celsius is experienced in Chandipur Beach, but in winter it’s 17 to 26 degree Celsius. So the period from Nov to Mar is the most suitable time for visiting this beautiful beach.