The Maritime Museum – Cuttack A Distant and Remote Tourist Attraction

Maritime museum describes us that the museums in which we conserve the things that are used in seas or oceans. The MARITIME MUESEUM at Cuttack was built on Jobra workshop. In this museum it has 10 number of galleries in which different things related to maritime history is preserved in those galleries. These galleries include:

  • Maritime history gallery
  • Boat building gallery
  • Jobra workshop gallery
  • Maritime rituals gallery
  • Navigation gallery
  • Monuments on Odisha coast gallery
  • Boat shed gallery
  • Saw-mill
  • Boat repairing jetty
  • Cannons at Jobra

Evidence of Old Glory of Trading Era of Odisha Preserved in Maritime Museums

During the earlier period there are plenty of findings in which one can see Odisha is well connected to other countries and states through sea. Other countries used to come to Odisha for trading through ships. The findings on Chilika Lake about the building of ships show us that the Odisha is a major hub of trade through sea route. There is also some incident like finding of sculptures in which it contains two ships found near Bhubaneswar is now preserved in Maritime Museum.

What to Explore in Maritime Museum, Cuttack

The Maritime Museum shows us the sea routes that are earlier used by various countries to come to Odisha. Its shows us that the monsoon winds which blows southwest during June to September and the retreating monsoon winds which blow in reverse direction during  December to march are properly exploited by various ships to reach Odisha and go back from Odisha. Other navigation forms like pole star, water color and migratory birds which are used as the navigation mode to reach here is also shown in Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday with timings from 10 am to 5 pm.


Location: The MARITIME MUSEUM is located at Jobra road, Cuttack, Odisha, India.

How to Reach Maritime Museum Cuttack

By Air: Bhubaneswar Air port is the nearest airport from this tourist destination.

By Rail: Cuttack is well connected by railways, Cuttack railway station is nearer to this museum.

By Road: Cuttack is well connected by roads with other cities of Odisha.