Venerable Konark Dance Festival of Odisha, India

“Konark Dance Festival” is a prodigious eventuality held in month of December every year. Konark is a momentous tourist destination and world heritage site in Odisha, India distinguished for tourism, because of the substantial Sun Temple pinpointed here. In the backdrop of this temple Konark Dance Festival celebrated. Most of the people in Odisha love cultural events, especially dance and music. The classical dance form of Odisha the “Odissi Dance” is prominent in all over the world. Odia people also appreciate this dance and music very much, in different occasions and festivals people prefer to place an Odissi dance performance. In dance festivals also organizers yield first preference to this dance form. So Odissi is an important part of Konark Dance Festival of Odisha.

A Brief overview of Konark Dance Festival

In the year 1989 Konark Dance Festival was organized by joint venture of Odisha Tourism and Odissi Research Centre. The main purpose behind organizing this festival is to promote tourism in Odisha along with that to aware people about the great art, culture and dance of Odisha, also to increase visitors to Konark Sun Temple. The dancing hall used in Konark Dance Festival is an architectural wonder, each and every part of this place is decorated with beautiful stone arts of ancient times, very extraordinary statues and stone curved objects are used to decorate the state in which professional dancers of various states of India as well as the foreign countries savant dancers perform. The music, dance and the performances of this festival are highly heart touching and people those participate in it highly enjoy their time. A crafts mela also held within this festival that allowed visitors to explore and buy beautiful handicrafts made by expert artists of Odisha.

Tourist Flow in to Konark Dance Festival

Tourist from various locations accord exposure to the colorful festival of Konark, may be the Konark Beach Festival or Konark Dance Festival in every festival huge number of tourist participate and getting the charm of involvement in these festivals. Especially for Konark Dance Festival tourist has a huge craze. Many tourists of foreign countries book Konark Tour Packages only to participate in dance festival of Konark. Also some tourist demands for including dance festival tour within their Konark tour packages.