Festivals in Odisha To Participate for great fun

Festival Tour in Odisha is a great idea to enjoy the life. Odisha people love their festivals more than anything else, the people of Odisha are open hearted and excitement lovers they always like to celebrate their life with their friends and family. They buy new cloth, different types of food and decorate their home with lights and flowers and make their life charming with the special moments. For enjoying they choose the option of festivals and all most all festivals are celebrated in Odisha with heart full of joy. So Festivals tour in Odisha is a right choice for your vacation tour.

Ratha Yatra Puri


The World Famous Rath yatra festival Of Odisha Ratha-Yatra or Chariot festival is a prominent Odia festival celebrated in Puri, Odisha. In this holy festival the three deities lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra...

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Bahuda Yatra Puri


Bahuda Yatra the Return Journey of Lord Jagannath To Shree Mandir Bahuda Yatra is an important part of Rath Yatra, we can assume it as the reverse process. In Rath Yatra lord...

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Durga Puja Odisha


Sanctified Durga Puja Festival of Hindu Religion Odisha is a state of religious people; predominantly at this locus enormous volume of Hindu people about 80% of total population is living. As we...

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Makar Sankranti


Significance of Makar Snkranti in Indian Culture The meaning of Sankranti is transmigration of the Sun from one Rāshi (zodiac) to the other. As there are 12 Rāshis are present so hence,...

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Chandan Yatra


Chandan Yatra A Holy Festival of Jagannath Temple at Puri In Jagannath temple at Puri varied festivals are greatly admired throughout the year. Among miscellaneous festivals of Puri Jagannath temple (Shree Mandir)...

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Konark Dance Festival


Venerable Konark Dance Festival of Odisha, India “Konark Dance Festival” is a prodigious eventuality held in month of December every year. Konark is a momentous tourist destination and world heritage site in...

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Puri Beach Festival


Welcome To the Great Odia Carnival Puri Beach Festival Puri the holy land of lord Jagannath is famous as a religious tourist destination; the great Jagannath temple (Shree Mandir) is the most...

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Kalinga Mahotsava


Kalinga Mahotsava a Glamorous Event Celebrated in Odisha Kalinga Mahotsav holds great religious significance for peoples of Odisha and India. This festival is celebrated with the purpose to encourage people to follow...

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Odisha Tribal Festivals


The Glamorous Exhibition of Odisha Tribal Mela Tribal Mela or Tribal Exhibition festival is systematic every year in the Adivasi exhibition ground. It’s the event in which many tribal community peoples are...

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Odisha Sand Art Festival


The Glory of Pleasant Odisha Sand Art Festival Odisha is the land of fair and festivals; here many types of religious festivals of Hindu culture are celebrated along with that many other...

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Kalinga Bali Yatra


Kalinga Bali Yatra A Prodigious Festival of Odisha Bali Yatra menace voyage to Bali (an island and province of Indonesia) it’s a festival celebrated in the Indian state Odisha at the silver...

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