Puri Tourism – A Heavenly Experience of the Holy Land of Lord Jagannath

Puri the holy land of lord Jagannath is one of the most important religious tourist destinations for Hindu and Jain communities. According to Hindu believes Puri is one of the four Dham of lord Vishnu in the form of lord Jagannath. Puri is a city pinpointed in the coastline of Bay of Bengal in the Indian state Odisha.

This city is world famous for tourism, mainly the temple of lord Jagannath (Shree Mandir) is highly gorgeous temple decorated with fine stone art along with the architecture of this temple is so awesome that tourist mesmerized while watching with their bare eyes. Also Puri’s climate and atmosphere is so wonderful that it’s highly suitable for staying and traveling, nearer to Shree Mandir many other Hindu gods and goddess temples are present also many other spiritual centers and art and crafts villages are located in Puri those attracts tourist, so that for Puri Tour Packages thousands of tourist from various other states of the country India are coming to explore the exotic natural beauty of Puri.

 Special Benefits Provided To Tourist by Puri Tourism

In Puri, the tourism services are one highly important source of earning for local peoples of this place. People earn money in different ways because of Puri Tourism some people work in tour and travel services as tour guide, vehicle driver, hotel staff etc, the handicraft and handloom products manufactures gets customers those buy their products and in many other ways people earn money by Puri Tourism, so the tourism development department of Odisha provide very much attention on increasing popularity of Puri Tourism. For that very exciting offers and special treatments are provided in various Puri Tour Packages.

Special tour packages such as Puri Beach Tour Packages, Jagannath Mandir and Temples Tour Packages and others offered to tourist, in these tour packages tourists are allowed to stay in highly luxurious hotels, where food and rooms are excellent, also the transportation facilities are very comfortable and the tour guide helps in each step or tour.

Attractions in Puri

  • Puri Jagannath Temple
  • Puri Beach
  • Mausima Temple
  • Raghurajpur Artisan Village
  • Pipili

Suitable Occasions for Puri Tourism

For visiting Puri all twelve months are perfectly suitable, but the festivals are really attractive time period to experience the energy of this holy land. Specially Rath Yatra, Chandana Yatra etc festivals in which millions of pilgrims participates are the most preferable time for Puri Tourism.