The Glamorous Exhibition of Odisha Tribal Mela

Tribal Mela or Tribal Exhibition festival is systematic every year in the Adivasi exhibition ground. It’s the event in which many tribal community peoples are participate and represents their tribal art, culture, tradition, handicrafts and handloom and most importantly their dance and music. It’s the common event and source of enjoyment for both the tribal peoples as well as for other peoples of modern society. All enjoy the event and spent a highly glamorous time together. Tribal Mela is organized in the heart of the capital city and smart city Bhubaneswar. As we know that these are more than 62 types of tribal communities are discovered in Odishaa and also there are many more still present to be discovered, so in the festival of tribal peoples that organized annually in the state capital city people of many tribes come to participate in it. This festival creates an opportunity for general people as well as for tribal people to know each other in a better way.

Some Popular Segment of Tribal Mela of Odisha

Adivasi Haat, Adivasi Gaon, Adivasi Samagri, Government Stalls, Corporate Stall, Tribal Food Plaza, Tribal Art & Craft, Tribal Textile & Handicrafts, Tribal Art Gallery, Tribal Cultural Shows, Valedictory Ceremony etc are the segments of Tribal Mela. Each and every segment has its own importance and different tribal groups participating in different segments. The beautiful song and dance and cultural events is the most important segment of this festival and visitors love to watch these activities very much. Most important tribal communities of Odisha are participating in this festival; the state level annual Adivasi Exhibition (Adivasi Mela) is a most attractive agenda for development of Adivasi people or tribal people of Odisha.

Tourist Attraction in Tribal Mela of Odisha

Tourist from different places of the state Odisha and from different foreign countries those have curiousness to know about the lifestyle of tribal people, the way of leaving, the food, culture, rituals and believes and other things they pay their attention to participate in annual Tribal Mela of Odisha. Odisha Tourism arranges high class tour services that included accommodation, authentic delicious food and permissions for joining in Tribal Mela with a efficient tour guide who helps tourist throughout their tour.