Bahuda Yatra the Return Journey of Lord Jagannath To Shree Mandir

Bahuda Yatra is an important part of Rath Yatra, we can assume it as the reverse process. In Rath Yatra lord Jagannath visit to Gundicha temple (his aunt’s house) for some couples of days or for a week and in Bahuda Yatra he retune to his home (Shree Mandir).  The Return Journey of the three chariots to Jagannath Temple is popularly known as the Bahuda Yatra in all over the world. As we all know that Rath Yatra is a very important festival celebrated in Jagannath Dham Puri and in all Jagannath temples situated in over the world. A huge amount of tourist and devotees are gathered at Puri for this festival, return journey of lord Jagannath follows the same protocol and schedule, as like the Ratha Yatra, so the tourist those visited Puri from big distances prefer to stay in Puri for 10 days and participate in Bahuda Yatra.

Overview of Bahuda Yatra

Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra spend some time in Gundicha temple and start their journey back to the Shree Mandir, on the returning day the tree deities are offered ‘Poda Pitha’ (a special sweet made of rice, coconut, lentils and jiggery) and after that they started their journey. After reach a nearer distance to the Shree Mandir the rath (chariot) of Balabhadra and Subhadra move forward and are parked at Singha dwara (Lion’s gate) but lord Jagannath’s Rath halts in front of the Gajapati King’s palace. On the other hand Maa Laxmi (Wife of lord Jagannath) steals a glimpse at Chaha ni Mandapa for the safe return for the safe journey of three deities from Gundicha temple. Lord Jagannath offered a loving garland to goddess Laxmi as the souvenir of his love.

Puri Tourism and Bahuda Yatra

Puri is a known tourist destination, here tourist gets opportunity of have many types of activities, the Puri beach, festivals celebrated at this land and the Jagannath temple along with other Hindu temples are creates wonderful atmosphere for tourism. Especially in Rath Yatra and Babuda Yatra types of special festivals are the right set of circumstances for Puri tour, so tourist visiting Puri in a huge quantity during this special festival of Bahuda Yatra.