Chandrabhaga Beach the Excellent Place of Watching Sun Rise and Sunset

lovely and quiet environment, long stretch of clean sands and cool blue sea making rapids in the rolling waves of Chandrabhaga Beach makes its the finest beaches among all other beaches of world. It’s a highly demanding beach and tourist destinations among domestic and foreign tourists in Odisha. As this beach is located nearer to world famous Sun Temple of Konark, so every day a huge number of tourist from all over the world visiting to this destination throughout the year.

The relaxing environment of the Chandrabhaga Beach, formerly Chandrabhaga was considered a place of natural cure for lepers. According to mythological stories, Chandrabhag is the daughter of a sage; she is very beautiful and caught the attraction of the Sun God by her magical beauty. Lord Sun came down to seek her hand in love, Chandrabhaga did not offer herself to the God and jumped in to the river and killed herself to protect her chastity, after that the place is known as Chandrabhaga. This is the place where you get an opportunity to visualize the Sun and moon at a time during Sunrise and Sunset.

Nearest Famous Tourist Destinations of Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga is located nearer to Konark Sun Temple and from Puri it’s very nearer. You can see Top of Shree Mandir (Jagannath Temple Puri) from this beach. The tour and travel service providers of Odisha those operating services for Pur and Konark tour they provide excellent facilities and special tour packages for Chandrabhaga Beach Tour. As a tourist if you want to visit Chandrabhaga then it’s better to reach Puri then you can rent a cab or Auto according to your choice or you can also use public transportation the bus or equivalent to reach Chandrabhaga Beach.

Travelling To Chandrabhaga Beach For Exotic Panorama

Unforgettable exquisite experience of piece at Chandrabhaga beach dispense source of enjoyment for tourist, the panorama of sea and nature specially evening time view and sunrise, sunset where you can visualize both sun and moon at a time it’s a heart touching experience that you enjoy at this stunning tourist destination.

How to Reach Chandrabhaga

By Air: The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.

By Rail: Puri, Konark and Bhubaneswar are the nearest railway stations to reach at Chandrabhaga.

By Road: Puri and konark are well connected to various cities of Odisha. So anyone can easily reach Chandrabhaga Beach.

Best Time to Visit Chandrabhaga Beach

Summer and winter these two seasons are most preferable time to visit Chandrabhaga Beach.