Atri – The Amazing Hot Water Springs in Odisha

Among the vigorous states of the country India, Odisha has its own locus identity. To this land nature blessed with unimaginable beauties in form of forest, wildlife, waterfalls, and hot water springs etc. much more. In the thick of all hot water springs, Atri-hot water spring is flourishing one. It is situated just about 42km away from the state capital and smart city ‘Bhubaneswar’ in amidst greenery. Officially this beautiful tourist destination is discovered in Khurda district of Odisha. This is one of the iconic tourist spots as well as the religious point for peoples of Odisha and for other tourists. The temperature of the water of this hot spring is about 57 °C and it’s believed that this hot spring has medicinal and spiritual properties for curing skin diseases and other diseases as well.

Tourism in Atri – Hot Water Spring

Bathing Complex, Lord Hattakeswar Mahadev and Makar Jatra in Makar Sankranti etc are the strong reason behind the tourist flow to this destination. Tourist loves the steam bathing facility here and worship lord Hattakeswar Mahadev and also they prefer to bathe here because of its believed that the spirituality of this water curing diseases and purify sole, so thousands of tourists visiting this place every day. Especially during the festival season a huge tourist gathering can be observed here. People prefer to visit this place with different ambitions some want to explore these beautiful places as a tourist while other has religious reasons. Apart from all tourists enjoy here a lot and back to their place with a heart full of sweet memories.

How to Reach Atri – Hot Water Spring

By Air: The nearest airport is located in Bhubaneswar.

By Rail: Khurda and Bhubaneswar district head railway station is the nearest railway stations to reach this place.

By Road: Khurda is well connected with other districts and cities of Odisha by roads.

Best Time to Visit Atri – Hot Water Spring

August to march is the suitable time frame to visit hot water spring of Atri.