Koraput is a very beautiful district of the state Odisha located on Eastern Ghats. It is famous for its different types of minerals, dense forest, wildlife and tribal communities; it is also called tribal district because of the tribal peoples of this place. Most of the part of Koraput is covered with dense forest. This forest is the lifeline for the tribal who live in this area. The main occupation of the tribal people of Koraput is farming and hunting in Jungle.

Koraput Tribal Peoples Life

The life of tribal people are very simple, the tribal peoples needs are limited that gives them sufficient time to spend with their friends, family and community. For leaving they grow vegetables and fruits and hunt in forest to carry out their life. In Koraput the tribal peoples life style is outstanding they live in small villages in forest. They allows tourist in their village and earn money from them, the festivals, rituals, traditions and religion of these people are straightly maintained by them that makes them united and unique.

Environment of Koraput

koraput is blessed with some major rivers like Machhakunda, Vamsadhara and Kolab. The environment and surroundings of this place was awesome and makes this place a peaceful and heavenly place to spend time. The rivers make the farming suitable and provide a suitable place for fishing. In Koraput we can find many hill stations as it’s located on a hilly terrain. Odisha largest mountain known as Deomali is also located in this place. It is also famous for its Jagannath Temple which is also known as ‘Sabara Srikhetra’. It’s said that this temple is like Puri Jagannath Temple. But the unique identity of this temple is, in this temple all races of society are allowed to worship.

How to Reach Koraput

By Air: Nearest air port is located at Bhubaneswar.

By Rail: Koraput district is well connected by other districts of Odisha through railways.

By Road: The road ways are well in Koraput and it’s connect it to other places of the state.

Best Time to Visit Koraput

October to March is the most suitable time to visit Koraput.