Konark Sun Temple Prodigious Epigraphic Monument of Odisha

On the land of Odisha we can able to find thousands of Hindu temples of different gods and goddess of Hindu community. Temples are the place where Hindu people come to worship their god and goddess, so they try to build temples with unconditional beauty. They want to make temples of great architecture, art and rituals. The surroundings and environment of most of the Hindu temples are not less than heaven. The stone engravings and statues along with the different artistic objects figured on the inner and outer walls of temples are really amazing. One amazing temple that is counted in seven wonders of India is Konark Sun Temple. This temple is extraordinarily beautiful and dedicated to Lord Sun (Source of Energy). The temple was 13th-century CE Sun Temple located at Konark in state of Odisha, India.

The Structure and Heavenic Beauty of Sun Temple Konark

The composite of SunTemple of Konark is in the shape of an enormous chariot, the elaborately carved stone wheels, pillars and artistic walls give this temple an incredible looks. So tourist and devotees visit this temple in very huge amount every day. Each and every 364 days of a year you can able to see visitors at this temple; it’s a world heritage site by UNESCO. Here tourist have many opportunity to enjoy along with the Sun Temple these are many other temples are present, inside Sun Temple Naba Graha (Solar Systems all nine planets) are present. For foreign visitors and explorers this temples art and architecture is most interesting attraction. Another great tourist destination Puri is just 35 km away from this temple. So people tourist can visit two great tourist destinations on a single trip.

How to Reach Konark Sun Temple

By Air: Nearest airport to Konark is located at Bhubaneswar.

By Train: Konark and Puri railway station is the nearest rail stations to Konark Sun Temple. Through train you can reach this world famous tourist destination easily.

By Road: Konark is well connected to other major districts of Odisha by road.

Best Time to Visit Konark Sun Temple

September to March is the best time to visit Konark Sun Temple.

Where To Stay

Hotels, lodges and Panthanivas are present in Knork for tourist.