Gupteswar – The Cave Temple of Odisha

Gupteswar, a land where religion is the essence of existence, it is but natural to find godhood embedded in beliefs and crock of people. Gupteswar is one of the peerless Shiva temple of Southern Orissa. It is a world-famous pilgrim site situated about 55 km away from Jeypore, Koraput District in the state of Odisha, India. This temple is located inside a pothole. The Shiva Linga is a natural one exists from old ages. It is a very beauteous place, limestone caves & dense forests. Gupteswar cave is a city shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this place is the monstrous Shiva linga which is said to be increasing in size. As this Shiva Linga is located inside a cave and it was not accessible easily in old days so it is known as Gupteswar and Hidden Shiva temple. After Darshan of Lord Shiva there is a way by the side to visit besides the cave. This area is inside deep forest and there is no facility to stay here. Gupteswar cave is special for the underground water and the view of Davis fall from the farthest end of the cave. Gupteswara is a natural cave with Stalagmite.

Shivaratri, famous festival of Gupteswar Temple

Shivratri is the major festival celebrated here amidst much flourish and splendor. During Shivaratri festival devotes from local areas, from Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh come around Shiva temple. During this famous festival many shops open their momentary outlets offering all types of toys, dressing materials and many more items.

Food at Gupteswar

There are limited options of restaurants available near the Gupteswar cave.  During festival times like Shivaratri and Mondays (of Sravan and Kartika month) there will be more temporary hotels offering good food.

How to reach at Gupteswar

There is no direct public transport available to reach Gupteswar, you have to hire a vehicle from Jeypore. Usually rugged vehicle or MUV are better choice for this hill road. Even though it is tar road but in several places ditches are there and in some places high slops are there.

Best Time to Visit Gupteswar

Best time to visit Gupteswar is winter season.