Konark Tourism – An Awesome Tour Experiences in Odisha

Tourism services are available in almost all Indian cities, but some special places those are popular in international market are strongly focuses on tourism services. One of the major tourist attractions in Odisha is Konark it’s also one world heritage site famous because of the 13th century Sun Temple located here.

Konark is a small city located in the Indian state Odisha on the coastline of Bay of Bengal at this place tourist gathered in a large quantity every year to take the charm of this temple. Well the architecture of this temple and the stone arts, statues incurved on the walls of this temple are highly outstanding, people those see these arts on their eyes they becomes mesmerized and turn a big fan of this tremendous tourist destination. So the tourist very much enjoys and loves to visit this place again and again.

Special Treatments Offered by Konark Tourism

Tourism is one of the important earning sources for the peoples of Konark those are directly or indirectly connected with tour and travel services, and due to tourism in Konark the local infrastructure increases, the local shops and handicraft makers get customers that differently affects their financial condition in a positive manner.

So tourism development department of Konark provide special offers for Konark tour and travel packages. Quality food, accommodation and transportation facilities are provided to tourist in very less cost. So tourist feels very happy during their tour packages and visit Konark again and again for tourism. In very less budget the tour and travel packages for Konark, Puri and nearby tourist destinations combo packs always attracted tourist attention.

Attractions of Konark and Specialty Konark Tourism

  • Konark Sun Temple
  • Konark Beach
  • Chandrabhaga Beach


Well the major attraction of Konark is the famous Sun Temple along with that the Konark beach is one of the most beautiful beach on earth, the extraordinary views of sunrise and sunset at Konark Beach is a highly heart touching scene. Also this beach is very quiet and clams to spend a relaxing time span.

The Konark Beach Festival and Konark Dance Festival are also the charming events those brings tourists attention towards Konark Tourism. The local market of Konark is full of beautiful handicraft and handloom products and the stone arts provide tourist an opportunity to buy beautiful home decors, so because of these attractions of Konark tourist love to visit this wonderful tourist destination.