Have a Sterling Time in the Delightful Climate of Odisha

Odisha is famous for its Tropical Climate. Odisha is positioned in the coastal belt. It is situated in the eastern coast of India. So it is greatly influenced by the sea. It is surrounded by Bay of Bengal on its east from Balasore to Malkangiri. The best time to explore Odisha is in the winter season, lasts from October to March, although the weather in the state remains pleasant throughout the year. The average temperature in the summers is as high as up to 45° C, the winters are quite enjoyable here with minimum temperature almost around 16° C and in the monsoon season the rainfall in Odisha is approx. 1450 mm.

Climate in Odisha

Odisha experiences three metrological seasons: winter season from October to February, summer season from March to June, monsoon season from July to September. The climate of Orissa falls under the category of tropical monsoon type of climate.

Seasons People Experience in Odisha

Summer Season

In Odisha the summer season is experienced from April till June. During summer season the temperature in Odisha is quite high and the sun very harsh. The maximum temperature of Orissa, in the summer season, goes above 45 ° C.  Some places like Sambalpur, Baragarh, Bolangir, Kalahandi etc experience high temperature during summer between 40-46° C.

Rainy Season

The monsoon/rainy season in Odisha start in the month of July and lasts till October. The whole state is under the influence of Southwest monsoons which heads its way in the beginning of June and by July and by the mid of October, Southwest monsoon withdraws from this place completely. The average rainfall in Odisha is 1400mm. The coastal areas of Odisha usually experience cyclone and tornado during this season. The rainfall plays a key role in the climate of Odisha. Odisha also experiences return monsoon in the month of October and November.

Winter Season

In Odisha winter season is experienced for approximately five months i.e. from December to March. The weather in this season is quite chilly, though not freezing, and the minimum temperature dips to as low as 7 deg C.  Winter season is not that much chilly, except some places.

In Odisha locally there are six seasons. They are as

  • Summer (Grishma) – April to June
  • Rainy (Barsa) – June to August
  • Autumn (Sharat) – August to October
  • Pre-winter (Hemanta) – October to December
  • Winter (Seeta) – December to February
  • Spring (Basanta) – February to April