A Glimpse at the Numerous Handicrafts of Odisha

Odisha, a very beautiful piece of land on the eastern coast of the country India is famous for its Numerous Handicrafts. There are a lot of handicrafts that have been running as the life force of Odisha and for which Odisha is famous. Some of the premier handicrafts of Odisha are Patta Chitra, Sand Art, Metal Work, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving and making Puppets and Masks etc.

Stone Carvings is mainly used in the architecture of sculpts and temples. Stone Carvings are not only used for the architecture of temples and sculpts but also for household things. Odisha is mainly known for its stone carvings.

Pattachitra is a traditional art of paintings based on Hindu mythology. A special paper is used for this. Pattachitra is hand-made from tamarind seeds and colors extracted from fruits and flowers.

Sand Art is carving of sculpture in sand. It is quiet easier and quicker than Stone Carving. For Sand Art only fine grained sand and water is used. First Sand art is developed in Odisha.

Silver Filigree, locally it is also known as tarakasi. Cuttack and few of its villages are well known for this craft. The process consists of making silver ornaments from fine strands of wire.

Applique Works is like pattachitra. For this first colored cloths are stitched in various shapes then tiny mirrors are stitched by thread embroidery to create different designs on it.

Paper Mache is made up of paper, waste cloth and different kinds of natural fibers. From this Masks, hand bags, toys are produced that are not only beautiful but strong and durable as well.

Horn Bone Craft is mainly practiced by tribal. For this artists use cow and buffalo horn. Basically it is used for animal birds designing, but artists are using this to design combs, jewelry etc.

Palm Leaf Painting originated in the ancient time when written communication started. Earlier it was used for writing messages and manuscripts; gradually it became an art of decorating the text with images and became an art.

Tassar Patta originated from an old tradition of decorated painting on palm leaves. Tassar Patta is the art of painting on silk. Now-a-days artists are using high techn0logies for this.

Terracotta Crafts are mainly done by the tribal. For this work special type of clay is used. The designs of Terracotta Crafts are also unique.