Ekamra Haat – The Famous Handloom & Handicraft Market of Odisha

In the smart city, Bhubaneswar a span of 5 acres of land that is dedicated to great handicraft products of Odisha and tasty delicious food stalls  is popularly called Ekamra Haat, it’s a famous point for sprawling and purchasing handicraft and handloom products, so tourist and local people love this destination the most. Environment and surroundings of this place are created in such a way that tourist or visited gets a feeling of most natural rural Odisha village while they visiting this place. Odisha Tourism gives very much importance to this place with the aim to bring foreign visitor’s interest to Odisha. So shops resemble huts, there are big grass mounds and similar attractive natural things are created in this market.

Speciality of this Ekamra Haat (Ekamra Market)

The name itself describes this place Ekamra Haat, the meaning of Odia word “Haat” menace market, i.e. the Ekamra Haat menace Ekamra market, a market that deals with the culture and art of Odisha, here beautiful traditional handloom and handicraft items. Beautiful stone carving works and wood carving works are observed in Ekamra Haat, also world famous textile art of Odisha such as Bandha saris from Sambalpur & Nuapatana etc are present. Appliqué, Pattachitra, cane & bamboo work along with that the Dhokra, bell metal, terracotta work, palm leaf engraving art products are present in shops of Ekamra Haat in very authentic price range. These products are outstanding home decors as well as very useful products, so tourist love to explore and buy these amazing products from this tourist place.

How to Reach Ekamra Haat

By Air: Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport.

By Rail: Bhubaneswar main rail station is the nearest rail station to reach Ekamra Haat.

By Road: Bhubaneswar is well connected with other cities of Odisha by roadways, so it’s easy to reach Ekamra Haat by road.

Best Time to Visit Ekamra Haat

August to April is the suitable time period to visit.