Mahavinayak temple is located at jajpur district of Odisha.  It is one of the oldest Ganesh temple of Odisha. The main attraction of Mahavinayak temple is due to the Pancha Devata (five Gods) namely LordShiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Durga, Sun and Lord Ganapati.  All this five Gods are worshipped in a single deity. This uniqueness in worshipping the deity is not present anywhere in India.

History of Mahavinayak temple

It is belief that the Kamadev the husband of Rati Devi is cursed by Lord Shiva. To save his husband from the curse Rati Devi is worshipping Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh after getting pleased from the worship of Rati Devi he stretched his hand to receive his offering. But there are five hands in the place of one hand. On seeing this Rati Devi got confused and asked about the five hands. She was told that Lord Ganesh , Lord Shiva , Sun , Lord Vishnu and Durga was pleased from her so they all stretched there hands for the acceptance of offering. From that day the five deities were worshipped in a single deity of Lord Ganesh.

Tourism in Mahavinayak temple

This place is covered with dense forest. A seasonal spring is flows through the forest. The wildlife in the forest , the freshness arise from the forest attracts a huge tourist to visit this place. Many hotels and lodges had come up for tourist. This place is clearly a heaven on earth and a must visit place for all.

How to reach

By Road: One can travel from Cuttack or Bhubaneswar to reach this place.

By Rail: Nearest railway stations are Cuttack and Bhubaneswar railway stations.

By Air: Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport.